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View Resource Stanford: MediaX

Media X is a network of interdisciplinary researchers, faculty and students at Stanford University who study and design interactive technology. Media X "influences the next generation of interactive technology relevant to commerce, learning and entertainment." Their work focuses on challenges related to people and technology, such as ease of use, natural forms of input and output, social and...
View Resource National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Learning about various branches of mathematics can be tough at any age, and this fine set of resources created by staff members who are primarily based at the Utah State University is designed to make this process just a bit easier. With substantial funding from the National Science Foundation, they have successfully developed a large set of interactive online learning units that deal with topics...
View Resource Molecular Workbench

Created by the Concord Consortium, the Molecular Workbench is "a modeling tool for designing and conducting computational experiments across science." First-time visitors can check out one of the Featured Simulations to get started. The homepage contains a number of curriculum modules which deal with chemical bonding, semiconductors, and diffusion. Visitors can learn how to create their own...
View Resource NFB Interactive: Bla Bla

What does it mean to interact with art? To communicate? And what unique wrinkles may develop as an exploration of these questions is designed specifically for a computer? The National Film Board commissioned Vincent Morisset to create this interactive tale, and it is an experience that warrants several return trips. Morisset has a rather fascinating resume, as he has worked on creating music...
View Resource The Country Dog Gentlemen Travel to Extraordinary Worlds

Once upon a time, there were two country dog gentlemen, and they loved to travel. These two remarkable dogs are the product of the mind of artist Roy De Forest. After a jazzy introduction, visitors can travel through some very fun corners of the art world with these two canines. The site features eight different artworks by people like Frida Kahlo, Sargent Johnson, and Jackson Pollock. Visitors...
View Resource City 2.0

TED's City 2.0 is "a gathering place for urban citizens to share innovations and inspire actions." The focus of this rather wonderful series of events was to work on envisioning the cities of the future. Visitors to the site will find archived videos from the devoted day of urban inspiration in 2012 and 2013 and they can click through the Videos area to get started. There are over two dozen talks...

View Resource MetMedia

The tagline on the MetMedia website is "see the Museum in new ways." To live up to this claim, the Metropolitan Museum has gathered a variety of media, presented in an easy to navigate tabbed display. There's video - 513 short and long videos, arranged in chronological order. The newest video is of TEDxMET, October 19th, a day-long ticketed program that explored "signature buildings, singular...