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AIP Weekly Physics News

The University of Exeter (UK) Physics Department has given new meaning to the term "value added" in its mirroring of the American Institute of Physics' weekly publication, Physics News Update. The AIP Public Information Division makes available Physics News, which provides concise coverage of new developments in physics, graphics "depicting important physics research topics and concepts," and a...
Photonic & Sonic Band-Gap Bibliography

Compiled by researchers at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Army Research Office, and the University of California, Los Angeles, this online bibliography covers computer codes, special reports, journal articles, and books on photonic and sonic band gap research. It is updated monthly and accepts contributions. Publications are arranged alphabetically by author...
Bulk Physics at a Graviton Factory

Provided by the Stanford Liner Accelerator Center (SLAC) Pre-print server, this online pre-print demonstrates that large numbers of light Kaluza Klein (KK) resonances could be produced at a future lepton-collider-based "Graviton Factory." "A general prediction of the 5-d Randall-Sundrum (RS) hierarchy model is the emergence of spin-2 KK gravitons with weak scale masses and couplings. The lowest...
Harvard Gazette: Science & Health

Aimed at non-specialists, this site offers insight and news on the latest discoveries and advances by Harvard researchers. The site is divided into six sections, covering broad categories: Mind, Body, Society, Earth, Space, and Technology. Each contains several short abstracts which link to the full story in the Harvard University Gazette, as well as some related links. The site may also be...
Physics Portal

As part of the Journal Nature's Web site, the Physics Portal, is an online resource providing physicists easy access to timely, relevant research. After the free registration users can view current and past articles, arranged by subject including everything from astro to quantum physics. The site also contains news articles, meeting and job information, a links page, and more, making it a...
Physical Reference Data

National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Physical Reference Data Web site (last mentioned in the August 16, 1996 Scout Report) provides data on physical constants, ionization, x-ray and gamma-ray, radiation dosimetry, nuclear and condensed matter physics, atomic and molecular spectroscopic data, and more. For example, within the searchable physical constants page, visitors can find...
Institute of Physics

The Institute of Physics is a "leading international professional body and learned society with over 37,000 members, which promotes the advancement and dissemination of a knowledge of and education in the science of physics, pure and applied." The site offers news such as a recent article entitled "Gas Molecule Adsorption in Carbon Nanotubes and Nanotube Bundles" and other information on a wide...
California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics

The California Institute for Physics and Astrophysics "is dedicated to exploring fundamental problems in physics (e.g. gravitation, inertia, the nature of mass) as well as very-long range technological possibilities that may emerge from the properties of the quantum vacuum." The Web site offers information about the organization as well as online articles such as Mass Medium, Nature of Mass,...

This Topic in Depth begins with a Web site from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center called Theory: Quarks (1). The one-page offering contains a basic explanation of what quarks are, their masses, and how they're known to be real. Critical words within the page, such as flavor and hadron, are linked to a handy online glossary of terms. The second site is presented by the Particle Data Group of...
Physics Central

Physics Central is how the 42,000 physicists of the American Physical Society "communicate the excitement and importance of physics to everyone." The continually updated Web site provides news and insight into the world of physics through articles, subject and physicist features, pictures, answered questions, and much more.
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