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Public health -- Developing countries.

View Resource Center for Global Health Initiatives

The CIHI Website provides data on current status and trends in population, nutrition, and health for developing countries that receive USAID assistance. Country, regional, and time series data are available in tables in either text or .pdf format for sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Near East, and Latin America and the Caribbean. Indicators include infant and maternal mortality, nutritional...
View Resource Children on the Brink 2000: Strategies to Support a Generation Isolated by HIV/AIDS

This update of a 1997 USAID report examines how AIDS has transformed "large-scale orphaning" from a typically "sporadic, short-term problem" into a chronic problem that already is bound to extend through at least the first third of the 21st century. The report includes "new orphan estimates for 34 countries; a description of what children, families, and communities are doing to address the growing...
View Resource Macroeconomics and Health: Investing in Health for Economic Development

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) Commission on Macroeconomics and Health yesterday released this 210-page report on the role of health in global economic development. The Commission, which was established in January of last year, finds "that extending the coverage of crucial health services, including a relatively small number of specific interventions, to the world's poor could save millions...
View Resource United Nations Development

The United Nations' work in development includes crafting meaningful guidelines for development work and support in over 180 nations. From this webpage, visitors can view development news updates, read a succinct list of primary development efforts, and also look over a handy toolbox, which includes the UN Data site and a research guide. Moving on, visitors can also learn which UN bodies and...

View Resource Doctors Without Borders

Most of us have heard of Doctors Without Borders (also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres, or MSF), the Nobel Peace Prize winning, French-born international aid organization that, for the past 40 years, has made headlines and offered hope by “go[ing] where the patients are.” But few know the full extent of what this inspiring not-for-profit actually does. What better place to find out than the...