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View Resource Renaissance: What Inspired This Age of Balance and Order?

The newest educational exhibit to the Annenberg Media Projects Learner Online site (discussed in the September 12, 1997 Scout Report) explores this period of intellectual, political, technological, and economic rebirth in European civilization. A series of five essays examines and explains the changes which occurred in the Renaissance during the fourteenth through the sixteenth centuries. The...
View Resource From Filippo Lippi to Piero della Francesca: Fra Carnevale and the Making of a Renaissance Master

This special Web feature from the Metropolitan Museum centers around two fifteenth century paintings acquired by two US museums (the Metropolitan and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston) from the Barberini Collection in Rome in the 1930s, that have puzzled scholars for more than a century, and have only recently been identified as the work of Giovanni di Bartolomeo Corradini of Urbino, also known as...
View Resource The Renaissance Connection, from the Allentown Art Museum

Using 37 pieces selected from its Samuel H. Kress and European Art Collections, the Allentown Art Museum has created this sometimes silly, but consistently appealing introduction to the art, thought, and society of the Renaissance period in Europe. Start with the Art Explorer section to view works arranged on a timeline, map, or alphabetically, from Andrea del Sarto Madonna and Child, ca. 1510 to...
View Resource Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts from Western Europe

The New York Public Library has a vast cornucopia of medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts, and this gorgeous website brings together over 2,000 manuscript pages from these volumes. The works date from the 9th to the 16th centuries, and they "give vivid testimony to the creative impulses of the often nameless craftsmen who continually discovered new ways of animating the contents of...