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Foreign exchange rates -- Databases

View Resource Currency Converter

Olsen and Associates of Zurich, Switzerland, a "developer of online forecasting technology for business and finance" has made this simple and fun service available. Simply enter the amount of currency for any of 164 currencies, the currency to be converted to, and the date of the exchange rate (back to January 1, 1990, in day/month/year format) into an online form, and presto, an exchange rate...
View Resource Universal Currency Converter

The Universal Currency Converter site was developed by Xenon Laboratories. It provides currency conversion for most of the currencies in the world. The conversion rates for the currency are provided by The Bank of Montreal's Treasury Group. Visitors can also obtain a currency table for a selected base currency. The site also provides prices for silver, gold and platinum in the various currencies....
View Resource Policy Analysis Computing and Information Facility in Commerce (PACIFIC) Exchange Rate Service

Professor Werner Antweiler of the University of British Columbia, Canada has developed the PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service, which provides access to current and historic daily exchange rates. Daily exchange rates are available for approximately 200 countries and 3 commodities. An online interface allows users to retrieve the exchange rates into a table or plot them in a graph. A list of the...