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View Resource BBC: Civilisations

The rise and fall of civilizations over the history of humankind is a difficult thing to accurately depict in graphic form, but this BBC online presentation is a wholly engrossing way to look at the transformation and dissemination of religions and ideologies. Guided by the presence of a virtual ant that weaves its way across the introductory screen, the screen displays a metaphorical phrase from...
View Resource Art of the First Cities: The Third Millenium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus

Designed to complement "Art of the First Cities" -- an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum through August 17, 2003 --this Web site presents almost two dozen examples of Third Millennium B.C. art from the region called the "cradle of civilization," an area stretching from the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean across Iran and Central Asia to the Indus Valley. The site is divided into eight thematic...
View Resource World Digital Library

The World Digital Library offers a bounty of digital items that span 193 countries and over 3,000 years. One fascinating way to experience the site is to simply watch the featured items as they tick across the homepage, offering a view into ancient Arabia, medieval Europe, and Shackleton's explorations of the South Pole. Readers may enjoy the explore tab, which opens to categories such as Place,...

View Resource Bridging World History

The Annenberg Learner's Bridging World History course consists of 26 units organized along a chronological thread. The site features a staggering array of worthwhile resources, including visual aids, expert interviews, an archive of more than 1,500 images and maps, and an audio glossary where students can click and listen to the pronunciation of over 300 place names and historical figures. A great...

View Resource The Atlantic: Visual Histories

Some histories are best explored through a visual medium, such as the history of hairstyles and house design. The Atlantic offers this series of short animated films dedicated to such histories. For instance, in "Here to There: An Animated History of Transportation," visitors can explore forms of transportation ranging from the year 8,000 BCE (the canoe) through the present day. Along the way,...