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View Resource A Nano-Robotic "Arm" Prototype Is Built From Synthetic DNA

The week's In The News addresses a recent advancement in the scientific field of molecular nanotechnology. The scientists, Nadrian Seeman and colleagues, at New York University (NYU), have built a nano-robotic prototype from synthetic DNA. This recent major accomplishment was also reported in Nature, (Nature 397: 144-146, Jan. 14, 1999). This controllable molecular mechanical device has "two rigid...
View Resource Nanotechnology Database

Sponsored by the National Science Foundation and housed at the Loyola College in Maryland's International Technology Research Institute the Nanotechnology Database is a source of online information on major research centers, funding agencies, major reports, and books dealing with nanotechnology. The resources listed here are carefully selected and reviewed. The site is expected to grow with the...
View Resource IBM: Scaling CMOS to the Limit

This is the latest issue of the IBM Journal of Research and Development. "This double issue contains fifteen papers which address the challenges of scaling CMOS devices as physical limits are approached." Specifically, research teams report on topics such as silicon-on-insulator technology, new CMOS materials and device structures, dynamic random-access memory, and many others. The papers provide...