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The Global Technology Revolution: Bio/Nano/Materials Trends and Their Synergies with Information Technology by 2015

This report, written by RAND for the National Intelligence Council, examines the implications of the revolutions in biotechnology and information technology and the challenges and questions likely to be raised in these fields between now and 2015. The report is offered in both .html and .pdf formats. Your Portal to the Future

This fascinating Web site explores many new technologies that seem like they came from a science fiction movie. All of the features are real, and, while they are not all guaranteed successes, they are certainly interesting to read about. One of the innovations that is generating the most attention is wearable computing. The detailed article defines the characteristics of wearable computers and...
Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Forty Years of US Human Spaceflight Symposium

NASA's History Office Web site is offering a publication for public review entitled Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Forty Years of US Human Spaceflight Symposium. The two hundred and fifty page document chronicles NASA's history from the Sputnik era to the present including insights from Buzz Aldrin, perspectives on the future, the international space station, and much more. Readers will enjoy...