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Computer networks -- Social aspects

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View Resource RCCS: Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies

"Cyberculture is a collection of cultures and cultural products that exist on and/or are made possible by the Internet, along with the stories told about these cultures and cultural products." This working definition is put forth by the Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (RCCS), a not-for-profit organization directed by David Silver. RCCS hopes to foster a web community where students,...
View Resource NETDYNAM

NETDYNAM is a list dedicated to an examination of online group dynamics: the purpose will be to examine the process itself of writing through listservers -- perceptions of the other participants, the dynamics of flame wars, power and persuasion, what is effective communication and why.... This will ideally be done in an atmosphere of mutual support and trust but it -- emphatically -- will not be...
View Resource StumbleUpon 2.4

It can be difficult at times to find some shared communion on the web, particularly when it comes to shared interests and so on. This process is made a bit easier by the presence of StumbleUpon, which allows users to rate websites in order to form some type of shared consensus on the value of various sites. Visitors can join up and then select from over 500 topics that may be of interest to them,...
View Resource VoxOx 1.0

VoxOx 1.0 is an application that will help those parties who might be vexed or confounded by the world of communication or social networking software. With this application, users can easily participate in just about any form of communication (including telephony) separately or in a linked up fashion. VoxOx offers webmail integration, social networking support, mobile-to-mobile calls, and a...
View Resource VoxOx

For people looking to bring together their various forms of online communications in one place, the VoxOx application may be a useful tool. The VoxOx application can be used to chat with colleagues and friends around the world, link up email accounts, and also make mobile-to-mobile calls. Visitors can also use the program to share files up to 100MB and also use create specialized phone lists and...
View Resource Virtually Members: The Facebook and Twitter Followers of UK Political Parties

Some might ask in these social media-heavy times: Who's following who on Facebook and Twitter? It's a valuable question, particularly in the realm of business and politics. The team at Demos has researched the matter quite closely, and they have come up with this set of observations, musings, and conclusions. The paper offers a detailed analysis of "political support on social media, and finds...

View Resource WhoTalking

Who's out there in the world of social media? It can be hard to sort out what topics are of the utmost importance without the right tools. WhoTalking allows visitors to type in a topic to see what's trending on Twitter, Facebook, and so on. The novel thing here is that visitors can type in the topic in any language to see the latest results. After entering a word or phrase, visitors can look over...