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View Resource Congo in Conflict

This week's In the News focuses on the current conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The nine resources discussed provide news, analysis, commentary, and history. Eighteen months ago in Zaire, the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo (ADFL), a revolutionary coalition led by Laurent Kabila, toppled the regime of Mobutu Sese Seko, ending Mobutu's 32-year reign as the...
View Resource CrisisGroup

The International Crisis Group (ICG) is a private, multinational organization "committed to strengthening the capacity of the international community to anticipate, understand and act to prevent and contain conflict." The ICG, which is chaired by former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari, is headquartered in Brussels and has advocacy offices in Washington DC, New York, and Paris. The organization...
View Resource PBS American Experience -- Reconstruction: The Second Civil War

The painful process of Reconstruction throughout the American South after the U.S. Civil War is one of the most poorly understood events of 19th century American history, and this fine website produced by WGBH (to complement the documentary released as part of the American Experience series) for PBS explores many of the complex themes of this period. The materials on the site are divided into ten...
View Resource Brooklyn in the Civil War

Produced by the Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Collection, this engaging and interactive website lets students learn about that most famous city of "homes and churches" during the Civil War through the use of primary documents and other secondary materials. The overall goal of the site was to provide both students and teachers with online access to primary and secondary historical materials,...