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Reef ecology

View Resource Coral Bleaching, Coral Mortality, and Global Climate Change

Presented to the US Coral Reef Task Force on March 5, this report contends that in 1998 coral reefs all around the world "appear to have suffered the most extensive and severe bleaching and subsequent mortality in modern record," in excess of 70 percent in some areas. Corals "bleach" when they lose much of their symbiotic algae in response to the stress from elevated temperatures, and last year's...
View Resource Reef Education Network

The University of Queensland's Reef Education Network (REN) is a wonderful introduction to the amazing world of coral reefs. REN has some cool images as well as information about reef research, current problems threatening coral reefs, and the many fascinating organisms that reside within a coral reef. The Life And Times section provides a nice overview of what a reef is, while the Ask A Brain...
View Resource Reef Check

Reef Check, headquartered at the Institute of the Environment at the University of California Los Angeles, is a "volunteer, community-based monitoring protocol designed to measure the health of coral reefs on a global scale." With scientific reef surveys conducted in over 60 countries and territories, Reef Check has been able to track global trends in reef health to better inform possible...