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Conservation of natural resources -- Study and teaching

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View Resource A Land Worth Loving

From the BBC Nature Web site, comes the A Land Worth Loving page. The site has several interactive activities related to energy conservation and recycling including the virtual energy house. Here users get to choose energy saving items to see the resulting gains to the homeowner and the environment. The site also explains recycling and sustainable living and even offers a "green" quiz and a free...
View Resource Envirofun

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Envirofun web site features Captain Earthworm, Captain Redbird, and Captain Bluegill to help show kids how to protect the earth's air, land, and water. The Our Earthship link takes kids through various pages that describe how nature (on its own) recycles air, land, and water. Another interesting set of pages lie within the Earthship Logs link, which...
View Resource International Union for Conservation of Nature

The goal of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is to help "the world find pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environment and development challenges." To accomplish this broad set of goals, they manage field projects across the globe, support scientific research, and also bring a variety of stake-holders together to work on developing meaningful policies and laws. The...
View Resource Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems

Based at the University of Missouri, the Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems (CARES) is committed to integrating "the social, physical, and biological sciences to better understand human, natural resource, and environmental issues and problems." Along with their scientific mission, CARES also features a strong community outreach component, and visitors can use the "Map Room" to...
View Resource University of Missouri Extension

Many state universities have fabulous extension programs, and the University of Missouri is no exception. The website provides access to a cornucopia of material that will be of use to both those in the Show-Me State and those beyond its borders. A good place to start on the site is the In Demand area. Here, visitors can learn about building a compost bin, soil testing, plant diagnostics,...