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View Resource Families USA Foundation: The Voice for Health Care Consumers

Families USA is the consumer voice for health care offering articles and reports on health care, politics, reform, Medicare and Medicaid, and other health care issues for women, senior citizens, and lower-income people. Families USA is a national nonprofit organization and advocates high-quality, affordable health and long term care for all Americans. They work at the national, state, and...
View Resource Better Business Bureau (BBB) Central Web Server for U. S. and Canada

The Better Business Bureau Central Web Server links Better Business Bureaus in the US and Canada with the goal of promoting "the highest ethical relationship between businesses and the public." A resource library lists a wide range of BBB publications by subject, and includes scam alerts, press articles and links to other company information servers. Business directories are also available and...
View Resource Consumer Publications

Information for Consumers is collection of eight online brochures on a variety of credit-related topics geared towards the American consumer. Each pithy pamphlet contains a brief overview of the topic and links to further contacts and resources. Pamphlet titles include "Your Credit Rating," "Bank Products: What's Insured and What's Not," and "Fraud and Scams."
View Resource Household Products Database

Users will find important and possibly life-saving information on over 4,000 household products in this online database from the National Library of Medicine's Specialized Information Services. The database allows users to find out what a product contains, potential health effects, and safety and handling information. Users can quickly and easily search the database by product name, ingredients,...
View Resource Consumer Reports

Based in Yonkers, New York, Consumer Reports has been sticking up for the rights of consumers since 1936, when they started the Consumers Union and began publishing product reviews of such common-place items as breakfast cereals, soap, stockings, and hot water bottles. On this site, visitors can learn about the history of Consumer Reports, which includes a series of rather interesting test photos...
View Resource U.S. Consumer Safety Protection Commission

Recognizing that technology is not perfect, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides safety tips and product information for consumers. From this website, visitors can learn about product recalls and safety news, report an unsafe product, sign up for free email announcements about new recalls and safety information, or become part of the Neighborhood Safety Network, which is...
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It may be difficult for the average consumer to evaluate the sometimes grandiose claims that various supplements, vitamins, and other such products make on their labels and such. One way to learn about products is, which provides independent test results and information in order to assist consumers and healthcare professionals to evaluate such products. The casual visitor will want...