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Plate tectonics

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View Resource Discovering Plate Boundaries

Rice University's Earth Science Department offers the Discovering Plate Boundaries educational activity. The exercise is described as a "data rich exercise to help students discover the processes that occur at plate tectonic boundaries" and has been used successfully with 5th graders to undergraduates. The site provides the necessary downloads of maps; earthquake, volcanic, seafloor, topographic,...
View Resource Journal of Structural Geology

The Journal of Structural Geology "publishes original research and review articles in structural geology and tectonics."
View Resource PANGAEA Publishing House: Alfred Wegener

The publishing house, PANGAEA, provides a short biography of the German climatologist and geophysicist, Alfred Wegener, at this website. Students and educators can discover the impact his book _The Origin of Continents and Oceans_ has had on the understanding of plate tectonics and continental drift. The site begins by recounting Wegener's early meteorological adventures in the North Pole. Through...
View Resource University of Illinois: Department of Geology Teaching Resources

The University of Illinois has a well-regarded department of geology with staff members and associates who have created a trove of resources for students and educators seeking to know more about the Earth and its forms. The resources are divided into two dozen topical sections, including Big Bang, Building Blocks of Earth, and Geologic Time. Each section contains links to high-quality resources...