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View Resource .designer: Creating Graphics for the Web

.designer, a service of Wide Area Communications, provides a series of guides that include short tutorials and tips on creating web graphics. At present, four guides are available. They discuss JavaScript, Anti-Aliasing, Photoshop/non-Photoshop tips, and web safe JPEGs and GIFs. .designer is a quick and easy way to get started creating quality web graphics. Note that the JavaScript Guide...
View Resource Web Developer Forum

Cooltype provides an excellent, well organized collection of Adobe Photoshop tips and tricks from Nick Ustinov and others experienced in using Photoshop's features. Although maintained by Mr. Ustinov, the website is sponsored by Thunder Lizard Productions. The tips and tricks are all listed on the main page by type of effect, with the most recent additions being tagged with a gif entitled "new."...
View Resource Email Effects

This site caters to those in search of an easier way to create tables, flow charts, maps, chemical structure diagrams, and the like. Email Effects can also add fun pictures to the signatures at the bottom of email messages for Macintosh owners who use Qualcomm's Eudora or Claris Emailer. This $10 shareware offers an easy-to-use interface with a drawing-like toolbar to create or convert the items...
View Resource SwarmSketch

Like a smart mob, SwarmSketch communicates online to bring people together to complete a task, in this case a collective sketch. Currently, the swarm is sketching a map of New Zealand. At the site, visitors contribute a short bit (100px) of line, and then have the chance to vote on whether existing lines should be darker or lighter. SwarmSketch has been running since September of 2005, so there...
View Resource OpenOffice 2.2.1

Those who have yet to hear of OpenOffice 2.2.1 will be delighted to learn of its existence. This multi-platform office productivity suite is meant to serve as an open-source alternative to other such suites, and it includes a word processor, presentation manager, and a drawing program. The suite is available in over 65 supported languages and it also works transparently with other file formats....
View Resource Google SketchUp

Want to draw a house? It can happen with Google SketchUp. The 3D modeling program offers users the ability to use basic shapes in order to create a number of different objects, including buildings and other structures. One particularly nice feature of the program is that visitors can also add textures to simulate wood, concrete, and grass. After that, users can also see their models in Google...