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NMWA: National Museum of Women in the Arts

Created in 1997 in celebration of the Museum's tenth anniversary, the Website of the National Museum of Women in the Arts currently features a video tour. Narrated by Wilhelmina Cole Holladay, whose collection of art by women forms the foundation of the Museum's permanent collection, the tour is conveniently divided into 21 sections, so that users can select only those they wish to view...
Women Artists of the American West Past and Present: An Internet Course and Interdisciplinary Resource Featuring the Vital Contributions That Women Have Made to the Art and History of the American West

This Website, produced for an online course from Purdue University, features seventeen collections of women artists of the American West arranged around four themes: community, identity, spirituality, and locality. The collections are presented as a series of illustrated essays and cover the art of both European descendants and Native Americans in the area. The essays are written by art...
MoMA: Cindy Sherman

Everyone's abuzz about Cindy Sherman - her current retrospective at MoMA was reviewed in the Arts sections of the "New York Times" on February 23rd, she's in the February 27th "New Yorker," and was even mentioned in the "Wall Street Journal" on March 5, in an article by Pia Catton, who admits to being skeptical of Sherman's elevated status in the art world. So it's a good thing that we can all use...
Women Artists of the American West

The Women Artists of the American West (WAAW) website features the "vital contributions that women have made to the art and history of the American west." Visitors to the site can take in seventeen different collections, arranged according to four themes: community, identity, spirituality, and locality. The exhibits include works by Barbara Zaring and Alcye Frank, who painted the landscape of the...
Women Who Rock Oral History Archive

The University of Washington Libraries has created this ambitious and culturally compelling digital collection of "Women Who Rock." The collection brings together "scholars, musicians, media-makers, performers, artists, and activists to explore the role of women and popular music in the creation of cultural scenes and social justice movements in the Americas and beyond." The site includes oral...
MOMA: Modern Women

How are women represented at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York? It's a fascinating question and this website takes a look at just that. The site was designed to complement a publication looking at contemporary female artists whose work has been included in various MOMA collections. The materials here are divided into four areas, including Exhibitions, Video, Modern Women: A Partial...
Women's Audio Archive

The Women's Audio Archive is a project by Marysia Lewandowska. Between 1984 and 1990, Lewandowska interviewed dozens of women artists and recorded their conversations. Lewandowska was born in Poland and had recently immigrated to London before launching this project. As the introduction to the Women's Audio Archive notes, these recordings "began as a way to address the possibilities, as an artist...
National Museum of Women in the Arts: Artist Profiles

The National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) presents this encyclopedic, A-Z look at the women whose works are represented in their collection. For each woman, there's a short biographical entry with a portrait and links to exhibitions at NMWA that featured their work, as well as selected pieces in the collection. For example, painter Alice Neel's entry outlines her tumultuous path,...
Women'n Art

Celebrate women in the arts, both as producers of work and protagonists within work, by returning to this blog featured in the 10-09-2020 Scout Report. Plus, readers will want to explore new posts discussing Lady Macbeth and Lucretia, among others. Created by Natasha Moura (an independent writer, art curator, and educator), Women'n Art is "committed to the role of women in the arts and culture."...