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Building -- Environmental aspects

View Resource U.S. Green Building Council

From the Department of Energy's Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development, this Green Buildings site serves as a detailed metapage for environmentally conscious architects, engineers, and builders. As the introduction to the site points out, "The design, construction, and maintenance of buildings has a tremendous impact on our environment and our natural resources." The site offers...
View Resource Life Cycle Assessment Tools to Measure Environmental Impacts

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools were created to allow homebuilders the opportunity to choose the most environmentally effective building materials and designs. Given the potential importance of these tools, HUD commissioned the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Research Center to bring together a forum of experts to discuss the usefulness of LCA tools. The report "Life Cycle...
View Resource Fatal Light Awareness Program

This Toronto based organization was formed to raise awareness about the problems that windows and lighted structures cause for migrating birds. Focusing on tall buildings in urban areas, this Web site provides yet another reason to turn the lights off when not in use. By visiting the BFB Monitoring section, users can view a number of buildings that have been monitored for their nighttime light...