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View Resource Web-Enabled Scientific Services & Applications (Calculators)

Anyone without access to a statistical software package may find this Web site to be a valuable tool. A wide variety of free online utilities are offered, including data and equation plotting, regression analysis, and scientific forecasting. The applications' interfaces are very straightforward, and many options are available for users to input their data and customize the desired output. No...
View Resource Vintage Calculators Web Museum

This "web museum" devoted to vintage calculators shows "the evolution from mechanical calculator to hand held electronic calculator." Some items featured include: Mechanical and early electronic desk calculators, "strange hand-held calculators," and articles, photographs, and databases from the archives of the International Association of Calculator Collectors. A history of the technology and...
View Resource Martindale Calculators

Martindale Calculators is a Web-based tool collection that contains over 19,000 online calculators created by over "3,450" very "creative" individuals, businesses and “tax supported entities world wide.” The collection is organized by the following topics: mathematics; statistics; science A-Z; chemistry; physics, astrophysics and astronomy; engineering A-Z; and electrical engineering, computer...
View Resource Instacalc

Designed by Kalid Azad, the Instacalc Online Calculator offers an elegant solution to those who need a variety of calculations and conversions done simultaneously. With Instacalc, visitors just need to type in a calculation or operation and the answer will appear. The application also includes some programming tools and advanced math functionality, and the application can be embedded or linked,...
View Resource CircleCalc

Basic geometry calculations can be tricky to some, and this handy application is quite useful in such matters. CircleCalc is a high precision calculator of many stripes, and visitors can use the program to perform hundreds of calculations quickly. Visitors can use the application to save entries, reorder numbers, and also take advantage of scientific notation. This version is available as an app...
View Resource Graphing Calculator by

This fluid, intuitive graphing calculator, compatible with Chrome browsers, makes graphing complex equations a snap. It includes all the functions of the large, rectangular model many high-school students are familiar with and produces easy-to read graphs with marked intercepts. Users can use the program to plot multiple graphs on top of one another, making this a great teaching tool.