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Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826 -- Exhibitions

View Resource Jefferson's Library

Few people have impacted the history of the United States as significantly as Thomas Jefferson. As this Library of Congress exhibition notes, the third president was a "founding father, farmer, architect, inventor, slaveholder, book collector, scholar, [and] diplomat." Explore Jefferson through his papers, letters, and book collections on this well-executed web site. After perusing the home page,...

View Resource Jefferson's Blood

This companion Website to the recent broadcast of the Frontline documentary "Jefferson's Blood" is unusually rich in content, perhaps because it was used post-airing to feature Frontline's presence on the Web. Exploring the history and current controversy over Jefferson's longtime relationship with his slave and mistress Sally Hemings, the site features video excerpts from the broadcast; extended...
View Resource Jefferson Digital Archive

As a joint project of the Electronic Text Center and the University of Virginia Library, this Web site offers extensive information on former US President Thomas Jefferson. The site includes an in-depth biography, electronic texts written by or sent to Jefferson, quotations from his writings, and comprehensive annotated bibliographies of writings about Jefferson, dating from 1826 to 1997. In...
View Resource Monticello Explorer

As this page loads, visitors are treated to an architectural rendering of Thomas Jefferson’s beloved Monticello. This is a lovely beginning to what is a thoroughly engaging and enriching online experience. From the homepage, visitors can explore the center of his Monticello plantation in glorious detail. What is perhaps most remarkable is that the mapping interface used to explore this area is...