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View Resource Lewis Carroll Home Page

Born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Lewis Carroll began his writing career writing lines of verse and is best remembered today as the author of Jabberwocky and, of course, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. For students and persons looking for any number of links about Carroll's life, his works, and teaching aids and materials to be used in conjunction with his writings, this Web site should provide...
View Resource Into the Wardrobe: A Web Site Devoted to C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis was a man who wore many hats during his lifetime, although he is best remembered today by the general public as the author of the Chronicles of Narnia series. However, Lewis also published ground-breaking works that examined the function of allegory in medieval literature and was respected for his Christian apologetics. This site honors Lewis's life and substantial body of work, and was...
View Resource Selections from The Curriculum Library's Historical Collection

If you have ever sat up at night wondering, "Where is the C in CAKE and COD?" you will need to wonder no more after you turn the digital pages of "Dolly's ABC" from 1854. Along with "Dolly's ABC", this delightful collection from the Curriculum Library's Historical Collection at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers up nineteen complete children's books of historical importance. This...