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Voter Turnout from 1945 to Date

Based on the International IDEA database of postwar elections, which covers 171 independent states, 1,129 parliamentary elections and 360 presidential elections, this site is a useful resource for anyone studying voting trends internationally or in specific countries or regions. The site includes an overview (Global Survey) of postwar trends and specific data for each nation covered. This data is...
Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

Maintained by the US Department of State's Office of International Information Programs (OIIP), formerly the USIA, this site is among the four US Policy topics covered in depth on the OIIP site. The Democracy and Human Rights site contains fewer resources than the International Security site, and in fact, the first headline links to the latter. The site offers access to several journals off the...
2002 United Nations Human Development Report

Published by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the 2002 Human Development Report emphasizes the importance of politics to successful human development and urges the creation and maintenance of potent forms of democratic governance at all levels of society. Entitled "Deepening democracy in a fragmented world," this 292-page report contains five chapters -- The state and progress of...
Cross-National Indicators Of Liberal Democracy, 1950-1990

In February 1999 the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan added this study to its archive. Cross-National Indicators Of Liberal Democracy, 1950-1990, is an international collection of political, social, and economic measures, containing more than 800 variables, for most of the world's independent countries. Topics covered by the study...
Demos: People Changing Politics

The number of independent think-tank groups around the U.K. continues to grow, but Demos is certainly one of the more compelling, and one that persons with an interest in public policy, governance, and other related topics will want to take a look at. The research at Demos is focused primarily around five themes: democracy, learning, enterprise, quality of life and global change. Along with its...
International Foundation for Election Systems

Since 1987, the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES) has provided technical assistance in all areas of election administration and election management. IFES is a non-profit non-governmental organization which has also been a part of the electoral process in over 100 countries over the past fifteen years. On the site, visitors can learn about the foundation's ongoing research...
IDEA Global Database on Elections and Democracy

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) has compiled this database of both quantitative and qualitative information related to voting in countries around the world. Users can search this database by country to get available information about a number of factors, including voter turnout, political finance, gender representation in office, and the design of the...
International IDEA: Voter Turnout

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) has a well-organized and very interesting voter turnout website loaded with election data from around the world. The goal of this Stockholm-based organization is to "strengthen democratic institutions and processes." It works with other democracy builders, such as the UN, policy makers and donor governments. By compiling...
Freedom House

Founded in 1941, Freedom House was organized by prominent Americans who were concerned with mounting threats to peace and democracy. Today, as in previous decades, their mission includes promoting "the growth of freedom by encouraging U.S. policymakers, international institutions, and the governments of established democracies to adopt policies that advance human rights and democracy around the...
The Economist: Democracy in America

The Economist's "Democracy in America" offers critical commentary on America's "kinetic brand of politics and the policy it produces." The posts on the site are crafted by The Economist's different far-flung correspondents, and the range and breadth of their insights and investigations are quite impressive. Cod fishing in New England? Yes, that's covered here, along with climate change, cyber...