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Microorganisms -- Pictorial works


BIODIC Image Gallery

View this online catalog of 1127 scanning electron microscope images from the Free University of Brussels. The most recent addition to the categorized index is Cells. Images can be viewed and downloaded for private use. This site is a must for anyone who wants to see close-up images of things, like a leaf stomata, scales of a butterfly wing, or the head of a flea. Some visitors may be glad that...
Dennis Kunkel's Microscopy Inc. Stock Photography and Education Web Site

Ever wanted to look a fruit fly in the eye or get a detailed view of a mosquito's piercing blades? Dr. Dennis Kunkel (formerly of the Pacific Biomedical Research Center at the University of Hawaii) provides a collection of digitally colorized photomicrographic images of insects, plants, cells, and bacteria taken with a scanning electron microscope, a transmission electron micrograph, or a light...
The Micropolitan Museum

Hosted by Microscopy UK, the Micropolitan Museum exhibits wonderful images of microorganisms developed by photomicrographer Wim van Egmond. Museum visitors can peruse images in the Freshwater Collection, Marine Collection, and Insectarium. Exhibitions within the first two collections include such crowd-pleasers as the Foram Factory, Diatom Display, Water-flea Circus, Desmid Dome, and more. A...