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View Resource Chemistry & Industry

Chemistry and Industry Magazine, a bimonthly product of the Society of Chemical Industry, provides selected full-text articles from the print magazine in the areas of news, commentary, features, latest results from chemical literature, and highlights from the latest European patents. In addition, there is a searchable and browsable archive of past issues, a daily news section, and searchable jobs...
View Resource The Alchemist: The ChemWeb Magazine

The well known ChemWeb site (free after required registration) has launched their new webzine, the Alchemist. The Alchemist is a round up of current news stories with links to articles about each story. Users can also access research news, links to selected web sites, current topics being discussed on chemistry lists and newsgroups, and a conference diary.
View Resource Analytical Sciences

From the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, Analytical Sciences is a completely free journal covering topics related to "the theory and practice of analytical sciences, including fundamental and applied, inorganic and organic, wet chemical and instrumental methods." Full-text content is available beginning 1998 (Vol 14); Table of Contents begins December, 1992 (Vol 8).
View Resource MolBank

MolBank, an interesting resource for chemists, "is an electronic journal where very short notes of searchable experimental data records for individual molecules are published." Affiliated with the magazine Molecules and Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI), MolBank is particularly interested in unconventional, experimental data such as starting materials and synthetic...
View Resource Reactive Reports Chemistry WebMagazine

From science writer David Bradley and Advanced Chemistry Development, this newly released Web-based chemistry magazine "will provide the chemistry community with cutting edge reports of exciting developments in the world of the chemical sciences and related fields." The magazine crosses a research orientation with a popular look and feel. Features examine current chemistry developments in areas...
View Resource Chemistry Journals Hosted in the ChemWeb Library

ChemWeb has recently added seven materials chemistry titles from Elsevier Science to its Library page, which currently allows users to access seventeen free journals (all of which require a no-cost membership). The journals Carbon, Diamond and Related Materials, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Materials Chemistry and Physics, Materials Research Bulletin, Materials Science and Engineering: C, and ...
View Resource International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Published online by MDPI (Molecular Diversity Preservation International), the International Journal of Molecular Sciences has posted its first issue as of January 2000. This peer-reviewed quarterly aims to provide "an advanced forum for chemistry, molecular physics (chemical physics and physical chemistry) and molecular biology," while also publishing reviews and short notes. The first issue is...
View Resource Single Molecules

A new molecular science journal, Single Molecules, from Wiley Interscience, "will provide researchers with a broad overview of current methods and techniques, recent applications and shortcomings of present techniques in the field of single molecules." With temporary free access, the journal's latest issue contains a few full-text articles, with more articles being regularly added. This journal is...
View Resource Free Access to Three Issues of Trends in Analytical Chemistry

Volumes 6-8 of Trends in Analytical Chemistry are available online for free to members of ChemWeb (no charge, registration required). The special June issue covers Nanoscale chemical analysis. Articles can be downloaded in .pdf format or read as HTML files.
View Resource Crystal Growth and Design

An electronic version of this journal from the American Chemical Society is available for free through June 30, 2001. Crystal Growth and Design is "a new journal from the American Chemical Society, dedicated to publishing articles on the physical, chemical, and biological phenomena and processes related to crystal growth and design of new materials."
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