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Glaciers -- Observations

View Resource Melting Glaciers

Due to the potential disastrous consequences to the environment and to numerous societies, scientists, governments, and civilians are concerned with the growing trend of glacial melt. This topic-in-depth explores various geographic regions where this phenomenon has recently been observed. Providing background into the study of glaciology, this report begins with a Web site (1) discussing the...
View Resource Global Change Research: A Focus on Mountain Ecosystems

At this website, visitors can learn about the nine year research project that the U.S. Geological Survey, National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and the University of Montana are conducting at Glacier National Park to determine how the mountain wilderness has responded to climatic variability and other external stressors. Visitors can learn how, based on their climate variability models,...
View Resource NOVA: Descent into the Ice

This NOVA website presents engaging materials on glaciers and the exploration of France's Mt. Blanc. Students can find a compelling account of why melting glaciers are as significant as other threatened natural resources such as old growth forests and coral reefs. The site features a slide show depicting how satellite imagery assists in glacier hazard assessments. Users can take a virtual tour of...