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View Resource St. Augustine: America's Ancient City

While many persons think of Boston as the first major European settlement in what is now the United States, the once tiny military outpost of Spain, St. Augustine, is significantly older. In fact, the settlement of the area that is St. Augustine predates the European settlements at Jamestown by 42 years. Much of the interesting historical development of St. Augustine can be explored in this online...
View Resource Exploring the Early Americas

When thinking about the early Americas, it's hard not to consider the stellar materials that make up the Jay I. Kislak Collection at the Library of Congress. Kislak amassed thousands of items related to early Florida, the Caribbean, and Mesoamerica, and subsequently donated over 3,000 of these items to the Library. This online exhibition affords interested parties a taste of these materials...
View Resource Florida State University Heritage Protocol

The Florida State University (FSU) Heritage Protocol was created to preserve the history of FSU through collections of various ephemeral items, including yearbooks, photographs, items of clothing, audio recordings, and films. The materials on the site are divided into six primary sections that include: "Virtual Museum", "Photo Galleries", "Mixed Media", and "Publications". In the "Virtual Museum",...
View Resource Central Florida Memory

The Central Florida Memory project was started in 2002 by The University of Central Florida Library, The Orange County Regional History Center, and The Orange County Library System. The intent of the project is "to provide an online platform and focal point for gathering, preserving, and disseminating the documents, artifacts, and stories of the history of Central Florida." Over the past few...
View Resource Florida Anthropologist

The Florida Anthropologist was first published in May 1948, and the journal is well-known for its scholarly pieces that look into topics such as Spanish colonial archaeological digs and pre-Columbian societies. The journal is published under the auspices of the Florida Anthropological Society, and the University of Florida Libraries have digitized all of its back issues. Currently, there are 184...
View Resource University of Florida Digital Collections: Florida Photograph Collections

Florida is much, much more than a certain rather large theme park and the bustling nightlife of South Beach. Anyone with a cursory interest in the history of the Sunshine State should make a beeline for this engaging site. Created by the University of Florida Digital Collections, the Florida Photograph collection contains thousands of images related to the history and culture of the state. The...
View Resource Florida Memory Spanish Land Grants

For several centuries, Spain established a presence in the area that is now Florida. After the land was transferred to the United States in 1821, European settlers filed land grants to prove land ownership. Interestingly enough, in 1790 Spain had started offering land grants to encourage settlement to the sparsely populated and vulnerable Florida colony. Of course, those who had filed claims had...

Screenshot for Florida Memory Spanish Land Grants
View Resource Florida Memory: WPA Church Records

Churches and other religious institutions are the lifeblood of any community in terms of the services and support they provide to their members. This rather remarkable collection features the Works Progress Administration from the State Library of Florida's collections. During the 1930s and 1940s, each state created a list of known churches and synagogues to be surveyed and organized by county....

View Resource Think Florida

The Florida Humanities Council offers a number of resources for teaching the rich, multifaceted history of the Sunshine State. While designed for Florida history teachers (along with "life-long learners and anyone interested in learning about Florida's history and heritage"), these resources center on a number of issues - including colonialism, slavery, and the Civil War - central to the history...