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Wireless communication systems

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RF and Microwave Engineering Job-Site: Job Listings for People With RF and / or Microwave Engineering Skills

The RF and Microwave Engineering Job-Site homepage provides job listings for people with RF and/or Microwave Engineering skills. In the Job Seekers sections, the user can browse through job openings according to geographic region.
The Wireless Web

This special report posted by Scientific American consists of a series of articles on "the latest and greatest technomarvel, the wireless Web." The featured articles, accessable throught the "Sidebar" link at the bottom of the intro page, cover the challenges and achievements particular to wireless technology. After a brief introduction, the special report leads off with "The Internet in Your...
Wireless Communications

Wireless communications is an industry that is growing at an incredible rate. Cellular phones are the most obvious example of this trend; it is hard to go anywhere without seeing someone using one. Rapidly advancing technologies and lower prices are making this all possible. At the current pace, there seems to be no limit to what is possible in the wireless industry. To learn about the events...
The Broadband Difference: How online Americans' behavior changes with high-speed Internet connections at home

Created by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, this report focuses on the nature of broadband --- high speed communication --- use in American homes. The report reveals that nearly 24 million Americans (21% of all Internet users) have high-speed connections at home; as a result, they are able to spend more time online and perform more activities within a shorter period of time than dial-up...
Mobile Manufacturers Forum

This is the home page of the Mobile Manufacturer's Forum, an international association of several leading "radio communications equipment manufacturers." Its purpose is to inform the general public about health policies and standards regarding radio frequency (RF) energy emitted by mobile phones and base stations. There are several documents and press releases that can be accessed on the Web site....
Radio Frequency Identification

A wealth of information about RFID is available at this site (1), ranging from background material to case studies. A discussion highlighting the myriad of uses for RFID is included. Transponder News (2) offers several articles that explore the technology in greater detail. Two in particular look at current and future trends, while others are editorial essays and technical notes. Pacific Northwest... Unleash the Beast Inside Your Cell Phone

In a June 13, 2003 news article, a writer from Popular Science magazine discusses the "untapped potential of the cell phone computer." The article focuses on the processing power of Java-enabled cell phones, which are quickly entering the market with, most notably, gaming applications. Cell phones have many more possible uses than just gaming, and the article gives a number of examples as well as...
JSR 185: Java Technology for the Wireless Industry

This Web site is the homepage of an initiative to create a new Java specification for wireless devices. Several documents are available for public viewing, including the Proposed Final Draft of the specification, which was released on June 4, 2003.
Federal Communications Commission: For Consumers

The Federal Communications Commission offers this informative page "about the issues the FCC oversees." The site is divided into six sections including Wireless, Internet, Radio, Satellite, Telephone, and Television & Cable. At first glance little information is contained in each section -- only a few frequently asked questions and their answers are given. However, a link at the bottom of each...
All About MEMS

All About MEMS is a "community-oriented website devoted to the full range of information available about MicroElectroMechanical Systems." Visitors will find a wide array of background information, definitions, MEMS applications, and much more. Details on how MEMS are fabricated are provided, and recent advances in MEMS development are highlighted. A special look at the use of MEMS in wireless...
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