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View Resource Commission on Presidential Debates

The highlight of the Commission on Presidential Debates web site is the full-text transcripts of presidential debates from 1960, and 1976 to the present. Vice presidential debates from 1984 through 2000 are also included. The site is interesting in that the transcripts stand as testimony to what was really said in these debates, not allowing users to see how the candidates looked or what...
View Resource Rough and Tumble at Reform Party Convention

To be sure, this convention has not been scripted. Simmering tensions within the Reform Party boiled over this week at the party's convention in Long Beach, California. Followers of party-founder Ross Perot, who initially invited Patrick Buchanan to join the party because of Buchanan's national name recognition, had grown increasingly frustrated with what many see as the hijacking of the party's...
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Subtitled "The Online Source for Money in Politics Data," this site from the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) (discussed in the April 21, 1998 Scout Report for Social Sciences) hosts an excellent selection of updated information on the money that American politicians raise and spend. The site is comprised of three major sections. The first is the 2000 Presidential Race section, which includes...
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The political season is, of course, already fast upon us, and interested users will do well to add this new site to their list of online political news sources. A rare example of a political site created as a business venture, is designed to serve as a central source for news and analysis of the US 2000 presidential race. A clean and easily navigated site, is composed of...
View Resource Issues in the 2000 Election: Health Care

Conducted in mid-July, this Washington Post/Henry J. Kaiser Foundation survey is the second in a series examining voters' attitudes on policy issues in relation to the ongoing presidential campaign. The survey is designed to compare the attitudes of issue-oriented voters and compare them to those of registered voters in general. Not surprisingly, those respondents identified as particularly...
View Resource Youth, Voting & the 2000 Election

Last week, the Kaiser Family Foundation and MTV published online the results of their election-year survey of 800 18-24 year olds. The survey found that substantially fewer young people were planning to vote in the upcoming elections than the national adult average (46% to 64%). The top three reasons cited for not planning to vote were "a lack of information on the candidates (60%); the belief...
View Resource The Mother Jones 400

Using data from the Federal Election Commission which was compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) (see the July 10, 1999 Scout Report), Mother Jones has put together an eye-opening Website which reveals the nation's top 400 financial political contributors and what they may be expecting for their contributions. Users may browse the list of contributors by industry or individual donor...
View Resource Report of the National Workshop on Internet Voting: Issues and Research Agenda

Conducted by the Internet Policy Institute and sponsored by the National Science Foundation, this report made headlines earlier this month with its conclusion that online "voting from home" was not yet a feasible reality. The 58-page report finds that "remote Internet voting systems pose significant risk to the integrity of the voting process, and should not be fielded for use in public elections...
View Resource Statistics of the Presidential and Congressional Election of November 7, 2000

Recently released by the Office of the Clerk of the US House of Representatives, this report was compiled from several sources and contains the official vote counts for the most recent federal elections. These are listed by state with additional tables that compare vote totals for presidential electors, senators, and representatives. The report may be downloaded in .pdf format from the Clerk's...
View Resource Elections: Perspectives on Activities and Challenges Across the Nation

Even as many in the United States are focused on the threat of biological terrorism, some are turning their attention to last year's national crisis -- election difficulties and reform. Four reports, released this week by the General Accounting Office (GAO), give a wealth of information on how elections are currently conducted in the United States, what contributed toward votes going uncounted in...
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