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Java Digital Signal Processing Editor

Professor Andreas Spanias of Arizona State University has supervised the development of this online digital signal processing (DSP) system simulation utility. This utility has many functions that allow the user to generate various signals, create filters, and analyze the responses. Other functions include Fourier Transforms, convolution, autocorrelation, and several speech processing tools. The...
Iowegian's dspGuru: Digital Signal Processing Central

dspGuru is a site dedicated to digital signal processing (DSP) designers. It has a good collection of resources for both beginners and seasoned users. Many open-source software titles can be freely downloaded, ranging from implementations of DSP algorithms to compilers and other software development tools. Five frequently asked questions lists cover some important DSP subjects, like finite and...
From Theory to Practice: An Overview of MIMO Space-Time Coded Wireless Systems

Published in the April 2003 issue of the Journal on Selected Areas in Communication, this tutorial paper introduces "multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) space-time coded wireless systems" and discusses recent progress in their design and performance. Hailed as a breakthrough emerging technology that has profound implications for digital communications, these systems have the potential to resolve...
Center for Digital Storytelling

There are many ways to tell stories about communities and individuals, and new developments in multimedia offer some rather compelling ways to do just that. One such organization interested in these types of projects is The Center for Digital Storytelling. In their work they offer workshops for organizations and individuals, along with providing a clearinghouse of information about resources on...
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

How is digital storytelling different than just plain old storytelling? Digital storytelling utilizes computer-based tools to tell stories, which is the key difference. The method is not so new, as it has been going on in earnest for two decades. This particular manifestation of digital storytelling is part of the University of Houston, and it contains a primer on the subject (the How To section),...
The Pudding: Laughing On Line

As most people who spend a significant amount of time online can likely attest, there are many different text-based ways to express laughter on the internet. Ever wonder which type of laugh is the most common, or if your preferred internet laugh really means what you think it does? Laughing On Line, an interactive visual essay published by The Pudding in October 2019, addresses these questions by...