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View Resource Manure Management for Water Quality: Costs to Animal Feeding Operations of Applying Manure Nutrients to Land

This Web site contains a June 2003 report from the Economic Research Service of U.S. Department of Agriculture. The report offers a detailed analysis of livestock and poultry manure management for water quality in the U.S. The studies included in the report occur on multiple scales: 1) a farm-level analysis of "on-farm technical choice and producer costs" across the U.S., 2) a regional analysis of...
View Resource ManureNet

Founded as a pilot project in 1998, "ManureNet is a national information resource and coordination centre for Manure /Nutrient Management and Bioenergy Issues." The ManureNet website lists an extensive assortment of manure-related publications organized by topic, from feedlots to handling to treatment. Research reports from the Historical Documents section are available for download in both the...
View Resource To reduce its carbon emissions, a Vermont college draws on the power of cows

Green Mountain Becomes First Campus Powered by Vermont Dairy Cows Local farm leading way for green power CVPS Cow Power [Macromedia Flash Player] The Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy Vermont...