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Physics -- Bibliography

View Resource Photonic & Sonic Band-Gap Bibliography

Compiled by researchers at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Army Research Office, and the University of California, Los Angeles, this online bibliography covers computer codes, special reports, journal articles, and books on photonic and sonic band gap research. It is updated monthly and accepts contributions. Publications are arranged alphabetically by author...
View Resource String Theory

While few people toss around terms like Astroparticle Physics and Superstring Theory, we've all found ourselves staring out in to space on a starry night wondering what's out there, why it's arranged the way it is, and where it all came from. For some, it simply comes down to strings. This September 2, 2003 New York Times article does a good job of summarizing the history and specifics of...
View Resource The Physics of Sound

This Topic in Depth focuses on the physics of sound waves and its applications in other science realms. The first four educational Web sites concentrate on sound wave properties and musical instruments. Dan Russell, a professor of Applied Physics at Ketting University, created the first site (1) to provide students animated images of sounds and vibrations produced by instruments such as...