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View Resource Computer Science Student Resource Site by William Stallings

This diverse collection of refreshers, how-tos, and research guides, while geared for computer science (CS) students, also has a few resources that are useful for anyone. A quick review of mathematical concepts and advice on how to write papers and abstracts fit in the later category. Students starting out in CS may find the explanation of binary and hexadecimal systems valuable, or perhaps the...
View Resource Computer Aided Instruction Project

Central Connecticut State University maintains several tutorials and lecture notes about different programming languages and mathematics. Some of the material, most notably the Introduction to Assembly Language, is primarily intended for computer science students. However, much of the site can be useful for anyone; programming guides for Java and QuickBasic are provided, as well as tutorials on...
View Resource University of South Carolina: College for Engineering and Computing

The University of South Carolina (USC), Center for Engineering and Computing Education, works to improve engineering- and computer science-related education at the precollege, undergraduate and graduate levels with the ultimate goal of developing a technologically literate population and workforce in South Carolina. The Center supports the research, development and implementation of improved...
View Resource Visual and Interactive Tools

Susan H. Rodger from the Computer Science Department at Duke University has compiled this website describing research on "designing tools for visualizing and interacting with theoretical computer science concepts." The graphical tools may be used as an aid for learning the basic concepts of Formal Languages and Automata Theory. Most of the tools are available to download or can be obtained by...
View Resource Academic Earth

Academic Earth provides videos of lectures by top scholars in "Subjects" that range from Astronomy to Entrepreneurship to Religion, from "Universities" as celebrated as MIT, Berkeley, Harvard, and Stanford. Visitors must register to view the lectures, but registration is free. There are over 1500 video lectures available, with more being added everyday. In addition to viewing the lectures...

View Resource Harvard College's Computer Science 50

Computer science can be a tricky subject, so it's fortunate that Harvard College has created this lovely resource designed for neophytes and everyone else. Taught by David Malan, this course is designed to teach interested persons "how to think more methodically and how to solve problems more effectively." On this site, visitors can view all of the course lectures, take a look at some problem...
View Resource Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I

MIT's OpenCourseWare program has been a hit over the past few years, and people from around the globe have written in to praise the high-quality and free educational materials offered on the site. One of the more recent offerings is this introductory course on electrical engineering and computer science. After conversations with colleagues and OpenCourseWare users, MIT decided to create a course...
View Resource Computer Science Unplugged

If you've ever dreamed of seeing computer science in an informal and "unplugged" setting, this website is for you. Computer Science Unplugged (CS Unplugged) is "a project that provides free games and activities to communicate Computer Science concepts to students of all ages." The site contains 50 different videos in a range of languages and topics like cryptography, binary numbers, and computer...

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View Resource Workforce Development and Education

At the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the staff members are always looking for ways to create valuable, high-quality educational products for educators. This website provides interested parties with materials created by the lab's Center for Science and Engineering Education (CSEE). On the website, visitors can find sections that include High School Students, Teachers, and Undergraduates &...

Screenshot for Workforce Development and Education
View Resource Bioinformatics Activity Bank

This resource is designed for educators hoping to teach students about the world of biotechnology and bioinformatics, and the lesson plans here are top-notch. The lessons span a variety of topics, including applied mathematics, DNA, and genetics. Visitors can scroll through six sections, including Organisms and Evolution or Proteins and Proteomics. Visitors can scroll through each area, keeping in...

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