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View Resource The Biology Place

If you are interested in what the future of educational resources on the Internet may look like, visit the Biology Place. This resource for teachers in the biological sciences will have a "grand opening" on August 19th, but is available now for previewing. For four weeks after the site's opening, all resources will be free of charge; then each teacher (along with up to 250 of his/her students)...
View Resource The Biology Project: An Interactive Online Resource for Learning Biology

Faculty and staff at the University of Arizona have developed an "interactive online resource for learning biology" based on an entry-level biology course, for use by high school and college-level students. The site is divided into seven subject areas: biochemistry, cell biology, developmental biology, human biology, Mendelian genetics, immunology, and molecular biology. Within each subject there...
View Resource On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life

Charles Darwin's contribution to our understanding of science has been called the single best idea anyone ever had. You can read about his ideas, where they originated, and how he supported them in the book that shifted paradigms and continues to stimulate research and debate. The full text is available at this site and is divided into chapters for easy access and reference.
View Resource Research Link 2000

An ambitious project of The Council on Undergraduate Research, Research Link 2000 has harnessed the creative powers of college biology faculty "to select, develop and disseminate a group of field-tested, experimental systems and instructional materials that will support the introduction of research-based experiments in introductory biology courses." To that end, the Research Link 2000 homepage...
View Resource Estuary Live!!!

Intended for elementary, middle, and high school students, this electronic estuary excursion, Estuary Live!!!, will take place May 8-12, 2000. Free to participants (but please sign up in advance), the field trip will explore the Rachel Carson Site of the North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve, covering four islands and salt marshes off the North Carolina coast. The site features useful...
View Resource Insects

The tagline of this website is "Studying Earth's Most Diverse Organisms." Anyone interested in entomology will find the images, descriptions, and activities here to be most edifying. Visitors can click on Class: Insecta for classroom activities that profile butterfly and moth wing patterns, and a delightful collection of insects as they appear on stamps from countries all over the world. The...

View Resource Problem-based Learning in Biology

Peter Ommundsen, instructor at Selkirk College (Canada), has put together these online resources targeting undergraduates. The resources give an overview, examples, exercises, and references in problem-based learning and critical thinking. The resources are concise and serve as helpful introductions to each topic.
View Resource Journey North

Spring is coming, meaning it's time to track migrations. Journey North (last mentioned in the February 19, 1999 Scout Report) allows students and teachers to track their favorite critters as they make their way to their summer homes. Beginning in February, Journey North will provide migration updates on various species like Bald Eagles, Gray Whales, Hummingbirds, Caribou, and more. After free...
View Resource Rader's Biology4Kids

This appealing site by has recently undergone some major changes, including updated content and its own URL. With lots of information and neat photos, this is a great site to learn about how to study and classify life forms, ranging from cells and microbes to plants and animals. Visitors can be guided through the site tour, browse, or search for specific topics. Even though there is...
View Resource Your Genome

This Web siteby the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute provides information about genome science for various levels of awareness. Although the advanced section is not yet complete, the beginner and intermediate touch on genes, DNA, RNA, and the Human Genome Project. If your curiosity is not satisfied by the Web site, there is a form for submitting questions directly to the Sanger Institute. Two nice...
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