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Foot-and-mouth disease

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View Resource Infectious Diseases in Livestock

At the conclusion of 2001, The Royal Society Inquiry into Infectious Diseases in Livestock began their investigation into the devastating outbreak of foot and mouth disease that occurred earlier that year in Britain. This report, released in July 2002, outlines some of the ways that future transmission of the disease and subsequent epidemics may be prevented and more effectively controlled. The...
View Resource BBC News In Depth: Foot and Mouth Disease

Foot and mouth disease is a highly contagious but not necessarily fatal viral infection that is transmitted through dust particles in the air, infecting the hooves and mouths of pigs, cattle, sheep, and goats. In recent weeks, a string of cases have been reported in England, sparking fears of another repeat of the epidemic of 1967, in which over 400,000 animals were destroyed. Farmers and...