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Humans have had a fascination with genealogy and the record of familial ties for thousands of years, and one need only look at the fastidious nature of dynastic record-keeping in ancient Egypt or the genealogies recounted in the Bible for ample evidence of this phenomenon. For the beginning researcher, or the more advanced genealogist, Genealogy will be a welcome addition to the numerous...
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Under the direction of the FreeBMD Project Founder Graham Hart, this very ambitious project has the ultimate goal to provide free Internet access to the Civil Registration index information from England and Wales. At its essence, the Civil Registration system was designed to record all of the births, marriages, and deaths in England and Wales, and has been in place since 1837. As such, it is one...
View Resource Denver Public Library: Western History/Genealogy Department

The Denver Public Library has been collecting material on Western history and genealogy since the first several decades of the 20th century, and their genealogy materials comprise the largest such holdings in the Rocky Mountain area. For persons interested in utilizing their services, their site contains useful materials about their various topical holdings, such as primary manuscripts,...
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The quest to find out about one’s ancestors is, if you will excuse the expression, as “old as the hills.” It appears throughout human history with great regularity, and manifests itself in a number of well-known places, such as the extensive genealogies that appear in the Old Testament. A number of websites are specifically intended to help modern-day folk with the search for their own ancestors,...
View Resource Denver Public Library: Western History Genealogy

Not many public libraries have the extensive online genealogical collection that is offered by the Denver Public Library, and their site may serve as an inspiration and model to those who seek to work on such an endeavor. First-time visitors may wish to start by looking through the "Browse Collection" area. Here they can look at genealogical documents culled from the Library's extensive holdings,...