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Science -- Popular works

Science in Africa

Published since January 2001, this free online monthly magazine covers a wide range of scientific issues concerning Africa. Each issue features a number of short pieces written by scientists with a general audience in mind. For instance, the current issue includes articles on a micronutrient fortified biscuit developed to address nutritional deficiencies, soybean production in Nigeria, and South...
BrainPop: Science

Brainpop describes itself as the leading producer of educational animated movies. Their Web site has a science page that currently contains sixty-five animated movies, with a large portion of them being physical science related. Each subject contains a 3-4 minute Movie, an Interactive Quiz, an Experiment, a Comic Strip, a How-to hands-on application, a Timeline, and a printable Activity Page....
Microbiological Edutainment: Biotoon

This site contains several short animated features based on microbiological topics. Although they are informative, the best part about the animations is their entertainment value. Bacterial characters provide their comments on life, an account of evolution from the bacterial perspective, and an understanding of "who" they are and where they live. These movies are a good combination of information...
Physics Central

Physics Central is how the 42,000 physicists of the American Physical Society "communicate the excitement and importance of physics to everyone." The continually updated Web site provides news and insight into the world of physics through articles, subject and physicist features, pictures, answered questions, and much more.
Popular Science: Technology

The Popular Science website, posts a range of articles on Science, Technology, History, Philosophy, Arts, and News & Ideas. Links to related books available through are provided at the end of each of the (fairly short) articles. The website also includes information on the Nobel Prize, including a list of all the Nobel Prize winners through 2001.
Extreme Science

Have you ever wondered how tides are created, where the greatest earthquake happened, or how time is measured? All of these and many more questions are answered at this fantastic website created by scientist, Elizabeth Keller. Users can find an abundance of materials on time, weather, space phenomena, and earth science. Within the Gallery of Scientists, users can learn about the work of admirable...
The Vega Science Trust: Online Science Programmes

The nonprofit, UK-based Vega Science Trust broadcasts free science programs over the Internet. The programs "are mainly produced by experts in science and engineering and many have been previously shown on mainstream television." The Vega Science Trust website contains a sizeable collection of science programs for viewing. Program subject categories include: Biology, Health, Molecular Biology,...
Science Buzz

The Science Museum of Minnesota has produced a number of fine online features, and the Science Buzz site is no exception. On the site, visitors can find in-depth information about a variety of science news stories that often do not receive adequate coverage elsewhere in the media. Some of the current stories on the site include West Nile virus, cloning, and even invasive flying carp.
Science Cafe

More and more, research institutes and specialized centers of learning are turning to the world of podcasts, vodcasts, and other such multimedia devices to reach out to people from Peoria to Patagonia. The University of California, San Francisco recently opened up their own virtual science café, and this website represents an attempt to provide lively and interesting conversations about the...
National Science Foundation: Science Nation

Billed as "The Online Magazine That's All About Science for the People", the online magazine Science Nation reports on important science breakthroughs. Created by the National Science Foundation, the site reports on scientific and technological developments by using video clips, first-hand reporting, and well-written articles. On the homepage, visitors can take in their latest report, and then...
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