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Mass spectrometry.

View Resource Complex Carbohydrate Research Center Spectral Databases

Dr. William York of the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center has created these two databases with scientific input from others at the University of Georgia. The Xyloglucan NMR Database consists of a searchable table of the ?H-NMR chemical shifts of xyloglucan oligoglycosyl alditols. Xyloglucans are highly branched polymers with a cellulosic backbone (i.e., consisting of b-(1,4)-linked D-glucosyl...
View Resource Spectroscopy Now

Wiley Publishing presents this spectroscopy portal, intended to be "a definitive spectroscopy resource on the internet," and "fully interactive 'Virtual Community' -- the preferred forum for expert discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas." Spectroscopy Now encompasses news, features, conferences, book releases, jobs, and directories in a variety of subdisciplines of spectroscopy. From the...
View Resource Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry Lab

This Web site discusses Boston University's Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry (FTMS) Lab's devotion to the improvement of FTMS instrumentation and methods for its everyday biochemical functions. After discovering the importance of FTMS, visitors can find out about the lab's work in the enhancement of electrospray ion source and Cryogenic FTMS. Students can learn about the modern biochemistry's...
View Resource Coupling Gas Chromatography to Mass Spectrometry

The Web site, created by Dr. Thomas G. Chasteen at Sam Houston State University, features an abundance of animations and audio narrations about the subjects of electrophoresis, spectroscopy, chromatography, chemiluminescence, and more. Students can learn about many of the gas chromatographic detectors such as the thermal conductivity detector (TCD), the electron capture detector (ECD), and the...