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View Resource GenStructure/bionet.genome.gene-structure: Genome and Chromatin Structure and Function Newsgroup

The purpose of this moderated newsgroup is to provide a proper forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to and involving genome and/or chromatin structure and function. Primarily it should enable those researchers who work in genome/chromatin structure or related fields to communicate ideas and information, as well as provide a chance for collaboration among national and international...
View Resource E. coli Genome Project: University of Wisconsin - Madison

Maintained by the Department of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the E. coli Genome Project site is divided into six project-related categories including project history, staff, and publications. The Data and Analysis subsection is the centerpiece of this site with eleven browsable ORF tables that provide information on 12 characteristics of each gene. An additional RNA table...
View Resource Global Transposon Mutagenesis and a Minimal Mycoplasma Genome

The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) has recently placed online this new genomic resource, in concert with a new publication. TIGR has released a description (.pdf format) of the minimal set of genes essential for life (Hutchison et al., 1999, Science 286:2165-2169).
View Resource Your Genome

This Web siteby the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute provides information about genome science for various levels of awareness. Although the advanced section is not yet complete, the beginner and intermediate touch on genes, DNA, RNA, and the Human Genome Project. If your curiosity is not satisfied by the Web site, there is a form for submitting questions directly to the Sanger Institute. Two nice...
View Resource Research Abstracts from the DOE Genome Contractor-Grantee Workshop IX

Research abstracts from a recent Department of Energy (DOE) genomics workshop are now available online. Researchers presented updates on DOE-funded genome research at this January 2002 workshop. Abstracts can be viewed within topical categories or by author name. Abstracts include title of the talk, author name, and contact information.
View Resource Nature Web Focus: The Y Chromosome

The journal Nature presents this online special feature on the recently sequenced Y chromosome. The Web site offers a number of free informative resources, including an account of the sequencing project as well as related scientific papers and letters published in the journal. An archive of Y chromosome-related articles are also available for registered users (no cost for registration). In all,...

View Resource The Trichomonas vaginalis Genome Sequencing Project

The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) in 2003 released the first draft assembly of the Trichomonas vaginalis_genome, available through this website to the academic and not-for-profit research community for noncommercial use only. TIGR will release more data at regular intervals during the sequencing project, which should help researchers better understand this widespread parasite and its role...
View Resource JGI GOLD: Genomes Online Database

Free for academic and non-commercial use, the Genomes OnLine Database (GOLD) is an internet "resource for comprehensive access to information regarding complete and ongoing genome projects around the world. GOLD provides the largest available and most detailed monitoring of genome sequencing projects." This recently updated database presently contains 173 Published Complete Genomes (including 4...
View Resource Sanger Institute-The Wellcome Trust: Vertebrate Genome Annotation (VEGA) database

A project of the Sanger Institute, "The Vertebrate Genome Annotation (VEGA) database is designed to be a central repository for manual annotation of different vertebrate finished genome sequence. In collaboration with genome sequencing centres, Vega attempts to present consistent high-quality curation of finished sequence." The site currently links to Human, Mouse, and Zebrafish Annotation...
View Resource The Jackson Laboratory: Mouse Genome Informatics - Mammalian Orthology and Comparative Maps

Created by the Jackson Laboratory as part of Mouse Genome Informatics, this website features Mammalian Orthology and Comparative Maps. At this site, searches can be made in the area of Mammalian Orthology by species, gene symbol, name, or map position. Site visitors can also build comparative maps, retrieve an Oxford Grid to display a two-species orthology comparison, and view orthologies between...
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