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IJC Museum: Japanese Art Museum in the Cloud

For art fans and anyone interested in learning more about contemporary Japanese artists, this virtual art museum allows visitors to explore "modern artworks by Japan's representative artists," from anywhere in the world. Sponsored by the airline ANA, the IJC Museum was designed by Akio Takatsuka and features work by renowned artists such as Yayoi Kusama, Kohei Nawa, and Hisashi Tenmyouya. The...
MOMA: Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History: Japanese Art

Few cultures on earth can boast a history of art as sophisticated and variegated as Japan's. This show stopping collection from The Metropolitan Museum of Art traces Japanese art back to the Neolithic Jomon Culture (c.a. 10,500-c.a. 300 B.C.). Illuminating essays accompany all 38 segments of the collection. Of special interest are the pieces from the Asuka and Nara Periods (538-794), when Buddhism...
On the Cutting Edge: Contemporary Japanese Prints from the 50th College Women’s Association of Japan Print Show

On this web site from the Library of Congress, over 200 modern Japanese prints, known as hanga, are on display. The prints were collected by the College Women’s Association of Japan (CWAJ) for a juried exhibition to celebrate the Association's 50th anniversary, and have been donated by the CWAJ to the Library of Congress. The prints in the show run the gamut from figural, such as "White Clover"...
Spencer Museum of Art

The University of Kansas's Spencer Museum of Art is an invaluable resource for students and scholars who come for the collegiate environment around this wonderful institution. The collection was established by Sallie Casey, a Kansas City art collector, in 1917. As part of the digital collection at the school, more than 17,000 items from this well-curated cornucopia are available here for those...
The Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens

Palm Beach County in Southern Florida is the home of the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. For armchair travelers, the quickest way there is via their fine website, where some of their exhibitions and collections can be found. The "Collection" tab at the top of the page will take the visitor to over 1000 images of items in their collection, most of which are from the mid 19th century to the...