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View Resource Currency Converter

Olsen and Associates of Zurich, Switzerland, a "developer of online forecasting technology for business and finance" has made this simple and fun service available. Simply enter the amount of currency for any of 164 currencies, the currency to be converted to, and the date of the exchange rate (back to January 1, 1990, in day/month/year format) into an online form, and presto, an exchange rate...
View Resource Federal Reserve System's National Information Center of Banking Information

The National Information Center (NIC) web site contains extensive information about banks and other institutions regulated or supervised by the Federal Reserve. These include banks (including commercial and savings), savings and loan associations, credit unions and bank holding companies, among others. The information available includes balance sheets and income statements; details on the types of...
View Resource European Monetary Institute (EMI)

The European Monetary Institute was established in 1994 to oversee the implementation of a single currency for Europe. The EMI site contains information on its staff, organization, structure, and financial resources, and outlines the process of entering the third and final phase of the European Monetary Union. After months of doubt and political difficulties in France, Germany, and most recently,...
View Resource Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review offers the latest daily financial news from Australia, as well as regional and world financial news. News reports are categorized into sections such as information technology, banking, and property. The site also provides personal finance advice in the Smart Money section. Contents for the site are archived in 18-day intervals.
View Resource Bank Information Center

Bank Information Center (BIC) is a nonprofit, independent, non-governmental organization that "provides information and strategic support to NGOs and social movements throughout the world on the projects, policies and practices of the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs)." The organization's Website contains information about BIC's ongoing activities and offers useful...
View Resource Technical Report: Decimalisation Table Attacks for PIN Cracking

An extremely controversial find by two University of Cambridge researchers has exposed a security weakness in the cryptographic systems used by banks to store personal identification numbers for automatic teller machine cards. The discovery is described in a February 2003 technical report, which states that the vulnerability can be exploited by malicious users to crack the PIN in fifteen guesses,...
View Resource Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Those users who are looking for all things related to the Federal Reserve System will need to look no further than this well-designed and thorough website. Visitors will find a number of links on the left-hand side of the homepage that will take them directly to information about monetary policy, payment systems, economic research and data, and basic consumer information. One rather fine feature...