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Inventions -- Exhibitions


Devices of Wonder

The Getty Museum cleverly uses our new media toy, the World Wide Web, to showcase this exhibition of media devices from the past and present. Included are inventions that present visual information or optical illusions, such as Indonesian shadow puppets, magic lantern slides, pop-up books, thaumatropes, and anamorphic images. Both animated and non-animated versions are available, and there are...
The Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention & Innovation

Jerome "Jerry" Lemelson was, to put it simply, a born inventor. As a young boy growing up on Staten Island, he invented a lighted tongue depressor for his father, a physician. He continued his inventing ways for over forty years, as he averaged one patent a month during that time period. Before he passed away in 1997, he made a generous gift that helped create The Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson...
Century 21 Digital Collection

From April 21 to October 21, 1962, Seattle played host to millions of people who sought out a glimpse into the future through the Century 21 Exposition. This world's fair presented an optimistic vision of "a future improved through science and technology" and this online collection from the Seattle Public Library presents over 1,200 photographs of the fair, along with books, brochures, reports,...
Google Arts & Culture: Once Upon a Try

In March 2019, Google Arts & Culture launched what may be its most ambitious exhibition thus far. Once Upon a Try, created in collaboration with over 100 institutions from around the world, is a rich collection of online exhibits celebrating science, discovery, and invention throughout centuries of human history. Here, visitors can explore more than 400 digital exhibits, collections, articles, and...