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Geography -- Study and teaching (Middle school)

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View Resource What Do Maps Show?

The United States Geological Survey's Learning Web site Working with Maps contains a complete Web-based lesson for students between grades 5 and 8. The site introduces the basic concepts related to cartography, including the definition of a map, various map types, and information that you can find on them. Printable activity sheets are available for download, covering four lessons: Introduction to...
View Resource GeoResources

Maintained by educator David Rayner, the GeoResources Web site is a clearinghouse of quality geography links and other geography related information. The sites, which are geared toward kids age 7-9, contain subjects such as soil and erosion, rocks and weathering, earthquakes, volcanoes, rainforests, deserts, rivers, climate, weather, maps, and energy, to name a few. Each heading contains a list of...
View Resource Internet Geography

Created by teacher Anthony Bennett, the Internet Geography Web site seeks to be a center for shared geographical resources and knowledge. A wide range of information and teaching tools can be found here, including links to original works that describe general physical, environmental, human, and economic geography subjects. Special sections of the site are geared specifically for students and...
View Resource Project GeoSim

Project GeoSim is a joint research project of the Departments of Computer Science and Geography at Virginia Tech. The site contains learning modules including Mental Maps, a geography quiz program; Sense of Place, which teaches about the characteristics of US counties and states; Human Population, a multimedia tutorial program; and others. Each contains a tutorial program to introduce terms and...