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Science -- Competitions

American Solar Challenge

The American Solar Challenge (ASC) is a competition to design, build and race solar-powered cars in a cross-country event. The 2003 race began on July 13 in Chicago, Illinois, followed historic Route 66, and ended in Claremont, California on July 23. As is stated, ASC promotes a greater understanding of solar energy technology, its environmental benefits, and its promise for the future. The...
X Prize

The X Prize Foundation is a non-profit organization that is sponsoring a competition between private international teams to build a low cost, efficient craft for space tourism. The $10 million prize will be awarded to the first team who "privately builds and launches a spaceship able to carry 3 people to 100 kilometers…returns safely to earth and repeats the launch with the same ship within 2...
Super Science Fair Projects: Complete Guide to Science Fair Projects, Topics and Experiments

"Today your teacher announced that your school is going to have a science fair and students are responsible for exhibiting their projects. What do you feel? Enthusiastic? Despondent? Dreadful? Fearful? Excited?" This statement opens the Super Science Fair Projects site. Actually, whether student or parent, science fair projects, while great ways to get students actively involved in learning the...
The X Prize Foundation issues a new challenge to the scientific community

An X Prize for faster human genome sequencing The X Prize Foundation: Now count to a hundred California Foundation Announces $10 Million Genetic Prize X PRIZE...