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Life sciences -- Study and teaching (Secondary)

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Rader's Biology4Kids

This appealing site by has recently undergone some major changes, including updated content and its own URL. With lots of information and neat photos, this is a great site to learn about how to study and classify life forms, ranging from cells and microbes to plants and animals. Visitors can be guided through the site tour, browse, or search for specific topics. Even though there is...
Your Genome

This Web siteby the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute provides information about genome science for various levels of awareness. Although the advanced section is not yet complete, the beginner and intermediate touch on genes, DNA, RNA, and the Human Genome Project. If your curiosity is not satisfied by the Web site, there is a form for submitting questions directly to the Sanger Institute. Two nice...
Mammoth Extinction

Science Netlinks offers this Web-based lesson plan for grades 9-12. The lesson invites students to explore various hypotheses regarding the extinction of the woolly mammoth, with a particular focus on infectious disease. Students use provided worksheets to conduct online research on the topic, focusing on a 1998 American Museum of Natural History expedition to the Arctic circle to hunt for mammoth...
Exploratorium: Traits of Life

Designed to complement the redesigned Traits of Life exhibit at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, this fine site allows visitors to view a photo gallery of the new exhibit, investigate some provocative online exhibits, and explore a host of links that are germane to the nature of biology. The exhibits constitute the core of the material available at the site, and are divided into four thematic...