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Automobiles -- United States

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View Resource Car Talk

Avid listeners of National Public Radio (NPR) will be intimately familiar with the frenetic and informed commentary of Tom and Ray Magliozzi on their long-running radio show, Car Talk. On the site, visitors can read biographies of the brothers, listen to their radio program, and of course, submit questions for their erudite consideration. One very relevant section of the site is the Actual Car...
View Resource Automobile History provides this review of Automobile History. The article covers the history of cars, famous automobile makers, and identifies the different models and automobile accessories/parts. The timelines section includes a link to a chronological history of the automobile. The feature article begins with the first steam, electrical, and gasoline-engine cars and goes on to tell of "the controversy...
View Resource Can peer-to-peer car sharing "go big"?

Let a Stranger Drive Your Car? More Owners Say 'Yes' Personal car-sharing is a new twist on auto rentals Zipcar invests in...