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Stuttgart-West: Physics of Racing Series is described as "the comprehensive internet source for automotive related information, where consumers can find information related to Autos, Boats, Trucks, Minivans, Motorcycles, RVs and Sport Utilities." Provided by the site and written by physicist Brian Beckman, the Physics of Racing Series offers an interesting look into the science behind racing and race cars. Visitors can read...
Gas Prices: The Sky's the Limit

The birds are singing, school is winding down for the year, and summer is within sight. Tis the season for summer road trips. And this year, as with most recent summers, gasoline prices are on the rise -- even eclipsing two dollars per gallon at some California gas stations. The several sites assembled here look into the issue of summer's pending gas price hike and examine some of the reasons for...
Car Talk

Avid listeners of National Public Radio (NPR) will be intimately familiar with the frenetic and informed commentary of Tom and Ray Magliozzi on their long-running radio show, Car Talk. On the site, visitors can read biographies of the brothers, listen to their radio program, and of course, submit questions for their erudite consideration. One very relevant section of the site is the Actual Car... Automobile History provides this review of Automobile History. The article covers the history of cars, famous automobile makers, and identifies the different models and automobile accessories/parts. The timelines section includes a link to a chronological history of the automobile. The feature article begins with the first steam, electrical, and gasoline-engine cars and goes on to tell of "the controversy...
Auto and Truck Repair and Advice

George G. Scott, Jr. has been an auto mechanic for over thirty years, and he has also found time in his busy schedule to create this website dedicated to providing both the average person and future auto mechanics with information about car and truck repair. While the site does contain some banner advertisements, there is plenty of fine free material here as well. Visitors can begin their journey...
In a novel twist, Nevada issues a drivers license to a car without a human driver

Google's Self-Driving Car Licensed to Hit Nevada Streets Nevada allows Google to test driverless cars on public streets Google's self-driving car snags first-ever license in...