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Electronic mail systems -- Computer programs.

Vista NetMail 5.03

Released by the InternetSoft Corporation, this small application is an electronic mail processing service that provides extensive filtering, processing, and recording capabilities. Perhaps the most effective part of this application is the anti-spam filtering function, which automatically deletes unwanted electronic messages as they are received. Also, NetMail allows for the automatic sorting of...
POP Peeper 2.0

Supported by all Windows operating systems, POP Peeper 2.0 is a small utility that resides in your Windows task bar and informs users when they have new email from any of their POP3, MSN, Yahoo, or Hotmail accounts. Additionally, the POP Peeper supports HTML email. Finally, the utility allows users to be notified of new email from any of these accounts with a visual or audial reminder. The POP...
Mozilla Thunderbird

As an embedded feature within the Mozilla web browser, Thunderbird was a fine email component offered as part of the entire Mozilla experience. Recently, this email client was released as a stand-alone application, and it is definitely worth taking a look at. With this latest version of Thunderbird, visitors have access to a number of great security features (such as message encryption) and a...