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Microorganisms -- Research

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The first site (1) is a recent article from Nature that reports a newly discovered group of tiny microbes, Nanoarchaeota, that has "one of the smallest genomes known." The next Web site (2), from the University of Texas, gives a brief overview of nanobacteria, discusses the controversy over whether the small size can support independent life, and includes an image gallery. An article from Natural...
The Ciliate Resource Archive

The Ciliate Resource Archive is a web site featuring a wealth of information on ciliates for educators, students and the general public. The site includes a glossary of terms, a list of valid type species and classification information. The site would be helpful for students researching ciliates or instructors developing related coursework.
Culinary Microbes

While the more notorious food microbes like E. coli and Salmonella may hog the spotlight, we shouldn't neglect all the lovely microorganisms that bring us such life-affirming foods as wine, cheese, and even chocolate. The following collection of Web sites presents a small sample of what these beneficial bugs do for us. In the first site, offered through the University of Wisconsin-Madison, readers...