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View Resource Stanford Health Library

The Stanford Health Library is a "free and open-to-the-public consumer health information library that provides scientifically-based medical information to help people make informed decisions about their health and health care." Users will find a mountain of health-related resources, including an extensive collection of links to informative Web pages from hospitals, research foundations,...
View Resource Stem cells: Gateway to 21st Century Medicine

This website comes from NOVA Science in the News, an online educational feature of the Australian Academy of Science. The site offers a comprehensive review of stem cell biology and related issues over the past few years. In addition to informative essays, a glossary, and a suggested reading list, visitors will find a useful set of links to external sites with classroom activities. This annotated...
View Resource CTSciNet: The Clinical and Translational Scientist Career Network

Are you interested in talking with other scientists about their work? Well then you might check out the Clinical and Translational Scientist Career Network (CTSciNet) website, which is a great resource for activities such as professional development and timely information about genome research and cardiac electrophysiology. First-time visitors should look over the "Recent Articles" area to get a...
View Resource NOVA: Venom: Nature's Killer

Venom is a powerful substance used by many creatures on this planet, but how does it work? What purpose does it serve? The good folks at NOVA have crafted this fine documentary on venom in order to "track down and capture the world's most venomous animals." Visitors to the site can watch the program in its entirety, read a complete transcript of the program, and also learn more about the...