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International Shark Attack File

Just as you may have guessed, this site gives the lowdown on shark attacks. Administered by the American Elasmobranch Society and the Florida Museum of Natural History, the International Shark Attack File is a compilation of all known shark attacks. Besides general information for the curious, a wealth of science-useful information and interesting summaries are offered here. The site provides...
ReefQuest Expeditions: Biology of the Great White Shark

This new section of the ReefQuest Expeditions Web site explores the "evolution, classification, anatomy, physiology, sensory capabilities, brain and cognition, diet and predatory behavior" of the Great White Shark. Text, images, and sketches of these magnificent sharks provide an in-depth look at many aspects of their biology. The site is explanatory and easy to read; navigation is also easy with...
NOAA Fisheries Shark Web Site

This Shark Web site from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration contains a broad range of information on sharks ranging from shark biology and management to reducing the risk of a shark attack. The Web site includes a series of fact sheets on these various topics that briefly and effectively convey information. The site, which is mainly text, is easy to navigate, and includes a large...

The first Web site (1) is the online counterpart to Discovery Channel's famous Shark Week, offering sharks facts, images, and games. The Underwater Times presents the latest shark-related stories from online news sources in this Web site (2). The next Web site (3) is the home page of the Shark Research Insitute, which promotes sharks as a sustainable natural resource for the dive tourism industry....
The Secret World of Sharks and Rays

The PBS television series Nature recently explored the "mystery shrouding fascinating -- and often fearsome -- creatures" in "The Secret World of Sharks and Rays." This companion Web site offers a number of online features, including feature articles on recreational shark diving, shark and ray diversity, and more. The site also provides a video preview of the program, featuring a segment on the...
Ichthyology - Florida Museum of Natural History

Given its proximity to numerous large and biologically diverse ecosystems, it is not surprising to learn that the Florida Museum of Natural History has developed such a lovely website that corrals a great deal of interesting and interactive materials on the study of fish. From the homepage, visitors can dive into the ten or so topical headings, include those dealing with sharks, tropical fish...
Enchanted Learning: Zoom Sharks

An Enchanted Learning creation, Zoom Sharks is a very comprehensive, kid-friendly website all about sharks. The site "is designed for people of all ages and levels of comprehension," and provides great information about numerous shark subjects. The website features educational Shark Information Sheets for many different types of sharks including information on teeth, diet and feeding habits,...
Live Cams: Discovery Channel

With cameras operating in Alaska, Hudson Bay and other far-flung locales, the Discovery Channel's Live Cams page is a great resource for those who love nature in all of its manifestations. First-time visitors should check out the Alaska: The Last Frontier cams as they offer a rich look at this most fascinating state. The Shark Cam is a delight as well and features sharks in the National Aquarium,...