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Transportation -- Forecasting.


Maglev Technology

Short for magnetic levitation, maglev involves the use of superconducting magnets to cause an object to float. Train systems using maglev technology are a recent development, and they already have the potential to compete with existing forms of transportation in the 21st century. To get a basic understanding of the principles involved in maglev, try How Things Work (1) at the University of...
Railroad and Locomotive Technology Roadmap

The Transportation Technology Research and Development Center at Argonne National Laboratory produced this roadmap in December 2002. The 70-page document mainly focuses on energy saving techniques to increase the fuel efficiency of diesel engines. A research objective identified in the report is to improve "total railroad average fuel efficiency by 50% by 2020," and ways to accomplish this goal...
The Future of Driving in Developing Countries

What's the future of driving in developing countries? This question has tremendous implications and it's one that has intrigued a set of researchers associated with the Rand Corporation. This 132-page meditation was crafted by a five person team and it looks at the economic and non-economic factors that might encourage or inhibit personal automobile ownership and driving patterns in countries such...